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We ARE Marina del Rey is a group of citizens dedicated to Saving the Marina from overdevelopment. The Marina is public land that hosts a vibrant community of boaters, residents, tourists, recreational users and native birdlife. Our activities include public outreach and education, advocating for compliance with our LCP, and potential legal actions.

We are alarmed by LA County's plans to redevelop the Marina away from its lower-density residential/ recreational destination into a high-density, high-traffic, high-end shopping and living haven.

LA County's pending amendment to the Marina's planning and zoning laws (LCP Amendment) will have major negative impacts on our community of residents, recreational users, tourists, local businesses and native birdlife.

If you would like more information about We ARE Marina del Rey, at info@wearemdr.com

Nancy Vernon Marino

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is We ARE Marina del Rey Opposed to Development?
A:   No. We can support development that results from a carefully constructed community-based master plan in which the concerns of the stakeholders are addressed. We’d like to see the county maximize its overall revenues from the recreational use of the parcels, and attract visitors who will fill our hotels and support our local business community

Q: Is We ARE Marina del Rey Opposed to Dock Redevelopments?
A:   No. Many docks certainly need to be rebuilt. We are opposed to the massive amount of reductions (over 800 proposed) in small slips (35 feet and under) as this reduces affordable boating and Marina access. The proposed Dock Redevelopment displaces existing active boaters and encourages the construction of larger buildings which disrupt wind patterns and compromise the safety of boaters in the harbor.

Q: Does We ARE Marina del Rey Oppose every project?
A:   No. Despite claims by certain developers and County officials, we have not opposed development projects that renovate existing buildings such as two apartment complexes (Bay Club and Tahiti Marina) and two hotels (Marina International and Marina del Rey Hotel).  

Q: What Projects does We ARE Marina del Rey Oppose?
A:   We are opposed to projects that will convert existing open space and/or public land currently used for recreation and access to private development. This includes:

  • a luxury “active-seniors” retirement facility proposed on the public parking lot between the Marina International Hotel and the Oxford Basin (Parcel OT). This will create a new land use category that facilitates age discrimination, excludes families with children, and reduces the revenue which the County could gain from residential or hotel development;
  • residential apartments on the public parking lot at Via Marina and Marquesas (Parcel FF), a lot that the County promised in 1996 to be a park in exchange for 1000 additional residential units;
  • a high-end shopping complex/office project on the public boat launch ramp (Parcels 49/77) across from Waterside Shopping Center; and
  • a 19-story Hotel and Timeshare on the wetland at Via Marina and Tahiti (Parcel 9U).

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