Donate to Save the Marina

We must ACT FAST!

LA County is moving full steam ahead with its proposed LCP Amendment (changes to the Marina's planning and zoning laws). Among other things, these changes will gut public recreation and access, allow more high rise development, substantially increase traffic, allow 288-room hotel with two 5-story towers on Tahiti and Via Marina and change the overall character of the Marina forever! This amendment will be up for final consideration by the Coastal Commission as early as June 2010!

Make a Contribution Today!

- Lobby Coastal Commission and legislative representatives

- Hire traffic, wetland and legal experts to provide analysis and expert testimony

- Educate the public on what is happening and how they can help

- Take legal action, where and when appropriate

How to Make a Donation

please contact us at

FAQs about Donating

Q: How much should I contribute?
A: Every contribution helps. If you can afford $25 now, that is great. If you can afford a little more, even better. We have received contributions ranging from $10 to $10,000.

Q: What are funds used for?
A: Currently, we need funds to sue the Coastal Commission for approving the LCP Amendment

Q: Do you have a plan of attack?
A: Yes, a multi-facted strategy has been developed with a prominent land-use attorney.

Q: Are donations tax-deductible?
A: Not at the moment.

Q: Can I donate with a credit card?
A: Not at the moment.