LCP Amendment

1) Purpose of LA County’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendment
(i.e. purpose of changes to the Marina’s planning/zoning/development laws)

  • Change the types of development allowed in the Marina by re-defining 'recreation'
  • Change where such development can be placed within the Marina
  • Change traffic impact conclusions and re-define mitigation measures
  • Change public parking supply by reducing the quantity and shifting the burden
  • Reduce overall open space and recreational usage in the Marina
  • Adds a conservation mgmt plan that puts development ahead of bird protection

2) If the proposed LCP Amendment is approved by the Coastal Commission, LA County can approve the following NEW development in the Marina:


  • 1954 more Residential Units (3 times the size of the Marina City Club which is the 3 huge 17 floor towers located on Admiralty Way)
  • 505 more Hotel Rooms (5 times the size of the MdR Jamaica Bay Inn which is located at Palawan and Admiralty Way)
  • 1323 more Restaurant Seats (3 times the size of the MdR Cheesecake Factory)
  • 273,000 more sq ft of Retail Space (2 times the size of newly remodeled Waterside Shopping Center located at the corner of Mindanao and Admiralty Way - and the new "high end" shopping center will be directly across the street from Waterside!)
  • 53,000 more sq ft of Office Space (3 times the size of Marina Fitness Center which is located near Mother's Beach and Cheesecake Factory restaurant.)

3) Impacts of the LCP Amendment include:

  • Re-defining 'recreation' to mean 'shopping, dining, and staying in hotels or time-shares'.
  • Converting 4 public parking lots to private development (see list above)
  • Concluding that traffic is not an issue (see Traffic Patterns & Impacts page)
  • Reducing the traffic mitigation that needs to take place
  • Ignoring the external traffic impacts on the City of Los Angeles
  • Increasing retail development by reducing hotel/restaurant development
  • Concentrating retail and recreational uses to the East side of the Marina
  • Removing 17 acres of net open space (See Open Space and Recreation Use Analysis)
  • Removing 8 acres of net boating and public parking recreational uses
  • Removing 800+ small boat slips (35 feet and under)
  • Reducing protection of birdlife in the Marina via conservation management plan
  • Allowing land-side boating uses throughout the Marina to be diminished or removed based on economic conditions