Marina History

Marina del Rey was established in 1954 as a small craft harbor and public recreation resource by Congressional House Document 389 and substantially funded by the federal government through Public Law 83-780 signed by President Eisenhower. The federal documents set forth the recreational intent and contemplated recreation and marine-dependent development of Marina del Rey.

In a 1956 general election, Los Angeles LA County residents approved the use of a revenue bond to pay for the LA County’s financial obligations for the creation of a small boat harbor to be known as Marina del Rey. The Board resolution authorizing the Marina del Rey bond issue to appear on the ballot stated that the purpose of the bond issue was: …to adopt the revenue bond method of financing the following public improvements:

  1. The acquisition, construction, maintenance, operation, improvement and development of public small boat harbors and such facilities and improvements in connection therewith as in the opinion of the board may be reasonably necessary to provide for the full, complete and convenient public use of such small boat harbors.
  2. The acquisition, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities for the public convenience in conjunction with any public small boat harbor.