Act Now: please email the Board of Supervisors today

Published Apr 21, 2011

The Board of Supervisors will be hearing FIVE (5) projects next Tuesday morning at 9:30am in downtown LA. I am diligently preparing the opposition letter but need your help today by writing a short letter.
We urgently need **letters to be emailed this week** to the Supervisors letting them know we are opposed to these projects. Your email can be as short as one line or paragraph. Please ask your friends and neighbors to do the same!
We have been told that the Supervisors do not think there is any opposition to these projects and thus have no reason to vote no. Let's tell them otherwise.
The 5 Projects are:
- 126+ Neptune Marina apartments on Parcel FF (our public park)
- 400+ Neptune Marina apartments on Parcel 10R
- 114 unit luxury senior retirement complex on Parcel OT
- 29,000 sq ft commercial building/6-story parking lot on Panay Way
Letter Suggested Talking Points
Your letter should be from the heart and can be short as one sentence or paragraph, as long as they hear from you. We do not want to use form letters. I have created a number of talking point which you can use to write your letter. You can write about:
- traffic and how bad it is getting
- a luxury senior retirement facility with limousines and $6,000/month rents is the wrong project for public land currently used for public recreation (Parcel OT next to Oxford Basin)
- we need to preserve and increase open space, green space and active park space - please build our public park on parcel FF not apartments
- giveaway of public parking lots/public land for private development is unacceptable Parcel FF and Parcel OT see first two points
- a 288-room hotel in the middle of a residential community is inappropriate. We don't want any hotel on Parcel 9U. We want to preserve the entire site as a wetland park and a heron and egret foraging area.
- the building sizes and number of apartments for the new Neptune
Marina apartments are way too big. The Esprit project was too big and is failing, the new Del Rey shores will be huge. there is enough residential in the Marina now.
- we need a true master plan that the community is involved in
- Large commercial buildings and private parking structures on Panay Way are out of character and take up prime waterfront parcels that could be use for higher priority recreational uses and public access.
Send Email/Letter to:
Please email your letter with the subject line: Opposition to Marina del Rey Projects to be heard on April 26 to all of the Supervisors at:,,,,
Thank you for your support. Please forward this message to anyone who you know will want to be informed and to get involved.
Funds are urgently needed to hire professionals to provide expert testimony to counter LA County studies. CONTRIBUTE TODAY.
Together, We can Save the Marina
David Barish
Nancy Vernon Marino
We ARE Marina del Rey
(310) 306-4275
***We ARE Marina del Rey is a project of the International Humanities Center, a nonprofit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.***

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