We Won - 19 Story Woodfin Hotel Stopped!

Published Aug 4, 2011


The planned 19-story Woodfin Hotel and Timeshare Suites project slated for the corner of Via Marina and Tahiti Way has been stopped.

We ARE MdR appealed the project's February 2010 approval by the Regional Planning Commission to the Board of Supervisors. Because of the the community's outrage and the outlandish project plans, the Board sent the project back to the planning stages for a smaller version. With continued opposition, we believe that NO hotel will be permitted and the entire parcel will be preserved as open space.

The April 26th appeal hearing before the Board of Supervisors also resulted in good media coverage for our movement to Save the Marina. 

David Barish of We ARE MdR was interviewed on the local evening news hours of Channels 2 and 9, and the next day Larry Mantle of KPCC's very popular "AirTalk" program had both David Barish and Supervisor Don Knabe on his program.  Plus both the LA Times and the Argonaut wrote big articles covering this story.  Here are the links:

Channel 2 and 9 local news at 9, 10 and 11 PM coverage:

KPCC radio (FM 89.3) AirTalk with Larry Mantle coverage:

LA Times print coverage of April 27, 2011:

Argonaut print coverage of April 28, 2011:

We will continue to keep you informed and thank you for your continued support of our movement to Save the Marina NOW!

Together, We can Save the Marina

David Barish
Nancy Vernon Marino
We ARE Marina del Rey
(310) 306-4275

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