Holiday Harbor Commercial Complex

Panay Way Commercial Building and Parking Structure-3

Holiday Harbor 5-story, 30,000 square foot commercial/gym complex with adjacent 5-story private parking structure on Panay Way. Fitness center to be reduce in size by 33-40%.

Location: Panay Way, to replace existing Marina Fitness Center and Mermaids.

Potential Impacts: 5-story private parking structure on waterfront property; loss of open space and views; wrong project for this location. Status: approved by Regional Planning Commission, decision appealed to Board of Supervisors by We ARE Marina del Rey. Hearing by Board not yet scheduled.


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Brenda Sexton
Apr 20, 2011 11:29pm [ 1 ]

Dear Friend,

Please reconsider this project. It's not right for the marina. It will ruin the jewel of Los Angeles.

Thank you!

violette faison
Apr 21, 2011 5:22pm [ 2 ]

this is not miami--marina del rey is to small for all these large hotels and parking structure all beauty will be lost.

                               thank you
B. Slavin
Apr 22, 2011 10:28am [ 3 ]

Please don't vote for this project. It's definitely not appropriate for the Marina. This is supposed to be a boating community. These projects are ruining the Marina's appeal. It's beginning to look like downtown L.A. You wouldn't want it if you lived here. But, you don't.....

A 5-story private parking structure on waterfront property will result in loss of open space and views.

dean francois
Apr 25, 2011 12:52pm [ 4 ]

Subj: April 26 meeting Items #5 thru 10: Marina Del Rey development

Dear supervisors:

Please have this received and filed for your meeting. Please reject the recommendations of the planning commission, and send this back for a complete review. The EIR is inadequate and many categories have been incorrectly categorized as an insignificant impact.

these projects are way out of line for the marina. These developments are in violation of CEQA and the coastal act. The way these approvals have been moved through the county system is an insult to the residents. These developments are not accommodating a class 1 bike path (47 & 99) which is sorely needed in the marina and is in the proposed bike master-plan that is being developed at the county level.

It seems like a giveaway of public parking lots/public land for private development. (arcel FF and Parcel OT)

a 288-room hotel in the middle of a residential community is inappropriate. This should be scaled back to accommodate the increased traffic and also accommodate a bike path. (*Parcel 9U). The eir should address preserving the entire site as a wetland park and a heron and egret foraging area..

The building sizes and number of apartments for the new Neptune Marina apartments is too big. The Esprit project was too big and is failing, the new Del Rey shores will be huge.

Lets get back to the drawing board and have a true master plan that the community is involved in.

Apr 27, 2011 9:11am [ 5 ]

What kind of monstrosity are they putting on Panay Way? What's going to happen to the Ship Store in D-basin? And my fitness club, Marina Fitness? Aren't they also ripping out the slips in the D-basin in favor of larger, more expensive slips? So I'll have a more expensive gym, a more expensive boat slip and have to pay for parking in that ugly lot... And when enjoying a sunset on my boat it will be done while sitting along side a 5-story monstrosity!!??!!

Who thinks this is a good idea?

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