Oceanna Luxury Retirement Facility

Parcel OT Senior Retirement Facility

114-unit luxury senior retirement facility on public parking lot OT for active seniors 60+. Will include limousine service, 3 meals/day.

Location: Parcel OT, between the Marina International Hotel and the Oxford Basin on Admiralty Way

Potential Impacts: increased traffic; loss of public parking (90+ spaces moved fromParcel OT to a proposed structure on Panay Way); insufficient parking; loss of open space/views; wrong project for this location. Status: approved by Regional Planning Commission Board hearing not yet scheduled.


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Brenda Sexton
Apr 20, 2011 11:29pm [ 1 ]

Dear Friend,

Please reconsider this project. It's not right for the marina. It will ruin the jewel of Los Angeles.

Thank you!

B. Slavin
Apr 22, 2011 10:25am [ 2 ]

Please don't vote for this project. It's definitely not appropriate for the Marina. This is supposed to be a boating community. These projects are ruining the Marina's appeal. It's beginning to look like downtown L.A. You wouldn't want it if you lived here. But, you don't..... And, with reduced parking spaces, people won't even come to the Marina to visit...No Place to park! A Senior residence would be nice, but not at the expense of parking. And this one, has too many stories.

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