Where did our Park go?

Neptune Apartments - Parcels 10 and FF

For over a decade now, residents of Marina del Rey were supposed to have a new park at the site of a public parking lot on the corner of Via Marina and Marquesas (known as Parcel FF). A sizeable 2-acre active park perhaps with basketball courts, a playground, ping-pong tables, chess boards, hop-scotch, skateboard park, a soccer field, a dog run or just a place to hang out in the grass or run around with the family.

Unfortunately, the LA County Board of Supervisors think it is okay to renege on this 1995 condition made by the California Coastal Commission so they can convert our never-to-be park into a yet another massive residential apartment complexuse. They say we will get, in exchange, a 1.4 acre passive wetland view park instead. And they say teh County has no intention of creating OUR park.

Yes, LA County has been collecting Coastal Improvement Funds over the years for every new unit developed. The purpose of the funds is to pay for new park space in the Marina, specifically Parcel FF. AND, they have $100,000 in this fund, sitting there, unallocated.

Let's take OUR PARK back. Ping-pong anyone?


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Lynne Shapiro
Jul 10, 2010 3:08pm [ 1 ]

Very well written argument in favor of a park. This needs broad circulation within our community!

Mar 10, 2011 11:50pm [ 2 ]

very good

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